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Mamta Gautam is trainer and believer of Holistic System of Living and has conducted more than 350 seminars all across the country in last 15 years of her experience.
Holistic System of living is an energy technique to balance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Her approach is one of uniting all aspects of body, mind and spirit to guide her students towards greater levels of self-actualization. Bringing together her rich and practical experience in body mind techniques, she has helped people throughout the country discover a variety of tools to promote personal growth.
Born and brought up at Jamshedpur, she passed her in Chemistry from Ranchi University. She is preacher and Grandmaster of Traditional REIKI and Executive Director of Reiki Research Foundation, Odisha. She is the Founder member of Integrated Course in Natural Art of Healing. She is Region chairperson of Lions Club international District 322 C2- Odisha, Executive Body member of Sarswati Shishu Mandir & Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, Odisha and Secretary of Radhakrishna Blind School of Lathikata.

Education & Research
She has attended number of Training programs and Seminars to sharpen her skill like:
·         Spiritual Healing by Mr. B.P Sahi (Patna)
·         Pranic Healing by Master Choa kok Sui of Philippines
·         Arhatic Dhyan Yoga by Acharya Daniel of World Pranic Healing Foundation, Manila
·         Siddha Healing & Sanjivani Sambhavi Vidya by Avadhoot Baba Shivananda
·         Intensive Scanning , Energy Vastu & Higher Clairvoyance  (Aura Reading with open eyes) from Maa Sharlotte, Phllipiness
·         Art of Living By Rishi Bharat
·         Kriya Shakti by Commander N.J Reddy
·         Transcendental Meditation from Maharshi Mahesh Yogi Foundation
·         Enlightenment Intensive by Barbara C Zepen (Switzerland)
·         Fire Walk by Karl Eberding (West Germany)
·         Reiki Intensive by Shamal Dhurve (1st Reiki Grand master of India)

·         An interactive Session for Managers of Blast furnace Department of Rourkela Steel Plant on Reiki in 1998
·         Introductory classes of spiritual energy for students of SKDAV college, Rourkela & Government College, Sundergarh
·         Healing Camps in Marwari Mahila Manch, Trade Fair, Lions Fete and Udyog Mela
·         Leadership seminar in NIT Rourkela
·         Regular Reiki classes in OCL India Limited since 2007