Monday, 3 June 2013

Distance Healing


Very few Reiki students are aware of the fact that Distance Healing (also called Telepathic Healing) works much faster and more effectively than In-person Healing. The time taken (say, a few minutes) to accomplish In-person healing could be amazingly reduced to just a few seconds through Telepathic healing.
Since the time taken to heal a patient is reduced manifold in Telepathic healing, the number of patients healed naturally, increases in the same proportion. If in an hour, 2 In-person healings could be performed, through Telepathic method, a proficient healer can easily accomplish 4-5 healings.

It is a well-established principle of Quantum Physics that thought travels much faster than light. The existence of 'thoughts' and 'emotions' is at a very subtle level. It is level where the time and space dimensions disappear. Hence, for a thought to travel, there is no barrier of time and space. As such, in Telepathic healing, a thought projected & empowered with a strong intention by the “healer”, reaches the “patient's” body almost instantly, anywhere in the Universe, creating the intended result.

Distance Healing, having been performed at the subconscious mind's level,also immensely activates & develops intuition, clairvoyance, inner visions, pre-cognitions & extra-sensory perception (ESP).