Monday, 3 June 2013

Reiki III


                       THIRD  DEGREE  USUI  REIKI

                           “ The wish for healing has ever been the half health.”
-         Seneca

The Third Degree Reiki is the most exciting part of this healing system. It is also the Master Degree. However some teachers divide this degree into two sections, the Reiki III Practitioner and the Master Degree. The Reiki III Practitioner’s teaching involves introduction to the symbols, their uses in healing, and aura surgery. The Master Teacher’s Degree includes information on passing the attunements and teaching the Reiki system.

Reiki III Teaching begins with the introduction of two additional symbols. Both are used in the attunement process as well as for healing. The two symbols are- Dai Ko Myo and Raku.

“ For we in medicine are on the threshold of once again realizing that there are far greater powers at work in the minds and bodies of our patients and ourselves than we can understand or control by ‘technical” means alone.”
                                                                                                - Dr. Michael L. Connell


Dai-  Great

Ko-   Bright

Myo-  Light

It is the “Empowerment” symbol or the “ All Purpose Healing” symbol. It is used in most of the healings to bring in a higher and purer dimension of light. Its power is equal to the other three symbols combined, but vibrates at a more subtle, higher frequency that incorporates a higher level of Divine power. It is a Zen expression for one’s true nature.

The Dai Ko Myo is unique in that it has two very different variant drawings, one that is used traditionally, and the one that is not.
The new Dai Ko Myo more closely fits the vibration of today’s teaching needs. It is a double spiral.


The older symbol fits the energy of an older time.


 Reiki masters advise that these days the newer symbol is to be primarily used, though the traditional symbol works equally well. Once you know Reiki I II Dai Ko Myo, it is to be used in all healngs. Sent distance, it travels rapidly from the healer’s heart chakra to the receiver’s. Dai Ko My’s focus is healing the soul. Each of the Reiki symbols targets one of the vibrational bodies. The Cho Ku Rei resonates strongly with the physical body level, the Sei He Ki with the emotional body, the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen with the mental body. The Dai Ko Myo works on the spiritual body level.

This is extremely powerful healing. It heals disease from its highest source, from its first cause. The spiritual body levels contain the blue print or template from which the physical body is derived. Heling at this level makes the profound changes, the type commonly labeled “miracles”. Reiki healers see miracles with every session, and the   Dai Ko Myo invokes them frequently. Life changes occur here. As with the other symbols, send Dai Ko Myo in direct healings when your intuition tells you.

For distant healing, use all four symbols. Begin with the Dai Ko Myo as first source, then send the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. Next add the Cho Ku Rei, and then the Sei He Ki., and finally repeat the Dai Ko Myo. This is the most powerful healing energy available to us on the planet, and certainly the most positive. For self healing, use the Dai Ko Myo in the same way it is used for others. Trace it over your heart chakra and visualize it with the other symbols.

The Dai Ko Myo has other uses. Visualize the four symbols to clear and charge crystals, to program them, and to ask them to become self clearing. It can be used in the beginning and end of any symbol sequence or session. The energy runs strong and very deep. It is the symbol that transmits and passes the Reiki attunements from the teacher to the student.

“ Miracles are only things that happen under the laws we don’t yet understand.”
                                                                                                            -  Virginia Samdahl


The other Reiki III symbol is the Raku. It is a small part of the modern Dai Ko Myo.  Takata did not use this Sanskrit symbol, but most of all American Reiki Masters use it today. Most masters seem to have very little information on this figure, and do not realize its importance. It is only used in passing attunements, never in healing work. The symbol looks like a lightening bolt.

Its definition is “banking of fire”. At the end of the attunement, the Raku is used to ground the receiver of the Reiki energy. This is all most masters know about this symbol but in fact it does much more. It activates the Hara Line, helping the student to bring the Reiki energy through her Ki channels, and grounds it in the Hara center(  Tan Tien or navel). During the attunement process, the aura of the Master and the student are joined. The Raku at the ending of the attunement separates the aura. It also leaves both Master and student with far more original Ki energy than they each had before.

                     “ It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”
                                                                                             - Kahlil Gibran