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“ With all things and with all beings we shall be relatives.”
                                                                                - Sioux Indian percept


“Karuna” is a Sanskrit word which means profound love and compassion.
In comparison to traditional Reiki, it is quite new and has a higher and a stronger vibration. It connects one with the cosmos at a more subtle level. Karuna Reiki was developed by William Lee Rand in Michigan ( America) in the 1995, Though the symbols used in this symbol ( total 10 in number) were channeled by other Reiki masters like Kathleen Miller, Marcy Miller, Pat Miller, Maria Abraham, Kellie Ray marine, Pat Courtney and Catherine Mills through intensive research and meditation. However it was Rand who developed the system called Karuna Reiki and its Attunement process.

The spirit of Karuna implies that we use our wisdom to guide us to impart energy to heal ourselves as well as others. As one develops Karuna within oneself, one will become more receptive to its healing energies.

Karuna Reiki can be used for the following purposes:-
-          to increase the body’s ability to heal itself,
-          to release Karmic blockages,
-          to connect to one’s higher self,
-          to create a higher state of conscious awareness,
-          to heal relationships,
-          to clear mental processes,
-          to heal addictions,
-          to remove negative patterns,
-          to heal unconscious patterns,
-          to increase creativity.

Karuna Reiki consists of a total of ten symbols. The Attunement is very special as it links the initiate with the Ascended Masters and Angels. Most Reiki Masters teach it in two separate attunements ( five symbols being taught in each attunement), but we teach all the symbols at a time and in just one attunement.

 And just like Usui Reiki Symbols, the Karuna Reiki symbols are also drawn once and chanted thrice.

                                    “ The first wealth is health.”
                                                                      - Ralph Waldo Emerson


 Zonar is said to mean infinity or eternity. It works well with past life and karmic issues and is used for dimensional access. Zonar works well with them. It is also used to deal with or formulate issues that are not well defined. Zonar allows us to open ourselves to the awareness of these issues and our own humanity. Our cells can carry the memory of trauma, or even the ideas that we brought with us from other lives. Like the Usui distance symbol, it can be used to work through and release karma and pain from the past on a cellular level. For this purpose it should be used on the naval area as prior to our birth we are connected to our origins through it. This should always be preceeded  by an honest heartfelt invocation to God.
Zorar was channeled by Marcy Miller and is said to have been given to her by Sai Baba during a meditation. It is good to use at the beginning of a session to prepare for healing. It is said to work as a psychological and spiritual anaesthetic, reducing and/or eliminating pain. Combined with Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, it can be used to amplify the energy for distant emotional healing


Halu was channeled by Marcy Miller and Kathleen Miller and was given by purportedly by Sai Baba during a meditation. Amplification of Zonar, the “Z” is transformed to two pyramids and a third is added. It is more powerful than Zonar and works on higher dimensions and on a deeper level. It restores balance and brings about deep healing. It is thought to work at causal and karmic levels. Halu breaks up negative thought patterns in the unconscious mind which we use to insulate ourselves from the truth. It shatters delusion and denial and can clear and open a channel to higher consciousness.

It works well to dispel psychological or psychic attacks. It helps us move towards self acceptance and integrity on all levels. It helps us shine light into those dark corners of our self. Halu is said to activate a healing beam such as a lazer beam, which can be directed specifically for intensive healing. It also works well Zonar.

Harth was channeled by Marcy Miller and Kathleen Miller. It is the main symbol in Karuna Reiki. It means love, truth, beauty, balance, harmony and abundance. Harth is a symbol of the compassionate heart from which love and healing flows. It helps one develop karuna and helps in healing relationships. Harth is related to the harth and can easily bring about positive changes in it. It restores love for life and love for all the things we do. It is good for addictions of kinds. It is used to heal issues of the heart. Harth helps to overcome depression and clears irritation

Kriya was channeled by Pat Miller. It is a doubled Cho Ku Rei.
It is used for manifestation and in healing the human race. It means perfect balance, action and creation. It raises awareness. Kriya transforms thoughts into action and manifestation. It helps in grounding to the earth.

Rama was channeled by Kellie Ray Marine. It means abiding joy. It is used for grounding to the six directions ( north, south, east, west, above and below) and connecting to the earth. It opens the lower chakras, connects them and balances them to the earth. It alo harmonizes the upper charkas with the lower charkas. It can be used to clear crystals and clear a room of negative energy by grounding it.
Rama empowers material goals and helps to manifest them. It creates or stimulates steadfastness and determination. If you initiate the feet with Rama and the power symbol, it will open the feet charkas and connect  with the earth energy bringing balance and increasing the amount of Ki energy. Rama revives a person’s Ki. It also protects from the evil eye, negative spirits and black magic


Gnosa was channeled by Maria Abraham. This symbol is called “ Planetary healing and Enlightenment”. The word Gnosa is derived from the Greek word “Gnosis” which means mystical and spiritual knowledge acquired through feeling and prophecies from God. Gnosa links you more strongly with the higher consciousness into the physical body, creating awareness. It improves learning ability. It clears our mind which further improves our communication skills , both verbal and written. It helps to establish spiritual balance.
Use it for your studies, project and research- it will help find the best resources and will improve your understanding of the material. Gnosa increases creativity. It works well with Rama. Like Harth, Gnosa is a primary symbol in Karuna Reiki.


Shanti was channeled by Pat Courtney. It means peace. It assists in manifesting the best possible results. It releases fear and nightmare. It soothes the aura creating a feeling of peace. It heals the past and creates harmony in the present.
Shanti creates integration,. Some say this occurs on seven dimensions. It helps in overcoming Insomnia. It brings about best effects when used with Rama or Kriya. Shanti has the potential of increasing our clairvoyance

Hossana means “God help”.
It is used for clearing anything or anyone.


Iava was channeled by Catherine Mills. It balances the four elements. When drawing the four small loops, say “earth” with the first, “water” with the second, “wind” or “air” with the third and “fire” with the fourth. Iava helps pierce the veil of illusion that is out conditioned thoughts and beliefs. It lets us see things as they are, rather than as our conditioned thoughts and beliefs would lead us to believe. It helps us recreate our own reality as fully our own, and not as part of someone else’s projection.
It helps us to respond to another in the moment, rather than reacting from past conditioning. Iava can be used to heal the earth. it works well with Harth to overcome addictions.
10. OM

Om is a Sanskrit symbol, the sacred sound of the universe. It represents all of the creation working together as one unit. And the understanding of this concept leads us to a greater understanding, better choices and happier life. Om cleans, stabilizes and seals the aura. It brings in light, purifies, protects and connects us with God.
It represents creation, preservation and duration. Om opens the crown chakra, and if drawn above the head, opens a pathway to God and higher consciousness.

        “We are the curators of life on earth. It is our birth right.”
                                                                                          - Dr. Helen Caldicott