Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Master's profile by Her student


Readers, I am sure that the following article is going to be one of the most intriguing pieces you might have read. There is a faith healer, a miraculous woman with a loving, healing  touch. Her charming eyes overflow with sanctity and her healing hands can bring a smile of relief on a distressed face.
She is Mamta Gautam, Reiki Grandmaster , X-3, Civil-township (ph-9437039972). Here I am to talk about her and the most ennobling technique of healing that she practices- REIKI !

Mamta Gautam began her career as a Reiki healer in 1995. Within three years she succeeded in
attaining her mastership in Reiki. 1998 saw her receiving her Grandmastership from Barbara Szepen, a Swiss lady who also taught her enlightenment intensive. And thus began her journey on a path that was to make her a healer beyond words.
In the years that followed, she traveled all over India and learnt all the possible healing techniques that was within grasp. These include- Art of Living-Basic and Advanced;Karuna Reiki; Pranik Healing- Basic and Advanced, Crystal, Psychic Self Defence, Arhatic Yoga-level 1,2
and3; Clairvoyance and Energy Vaastu. She has also mastered Siddha Kundalini Yoga, Shivyog, Siddha Kriya, Sanjivani and Sambhavy from Avadhud Baba Sivanand. From Shamal Durva, Mumbai ( 1st Reiki Grandmaster of India) and Parveen D. Patel, Ahmedabad, she has learnt Reiki Intensive. She is also connected with Osho Dhara. But the most interesting seminar of her life was Fire Work, in which she was made to run on a bed of fire after meditating on Om for about 2 hours. The seminar was conducted by Carl Everding of West Germany , and was organized by Reiki Association of Jamshedpur in 1997.
To be honest, I was actually a bit taken aback when I first learned about all the astounding feats that
Mamta Gautam has achieved. I curiously asked her, “ Back then how did you manage to learn so many healing techniques when today we rarely hear of such events and seminars coming off?”
She replied, “Those were the days when alternate healing practice was at their height. It was taught in all levels and in every possible field. Participants were also great in number. Unfortunately, few people today show interest in it. And hence , such events have now greatly declined in number.” There was a time when there used to be a great many Reiki healers in Rourkela. Mrs. Anu, who runs a Reiki Centre in D-block, Koelnagar, tells me,” Earlier there used to be a group of 25 healers that joined together during practices. But now there are just 4 of us. And we certainly need more. There are 2 more Reiki Centres in Rourkela- one at Sec 20 and the other at Mamta Gautam’s residence.

It is indeed a matter of great concern that Reiki is now slowly losing ground in Rourkela . But Grandmaster Mamta Gautam is trying her best to revive it. She has helped in establishing Reiki in NTPC TTPC and Kaniha. She has also conducted several Reiki seminars in Rourkela ( RSP, SG Women’s College etc. ) and outside Rourkela ( Bokaro, Ranchi, Sambalpur, Bbsr, NTPC Tanda-UP etc.).
People have probably forgotten or may be they need to know what Reiki is and what healing capacity
it holds. Rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, this ancient science and art of healing involves universal life force energy which the Reiki healer channels and projects on the patient for healing. The technique is simple and requires nothing but a proper attunement from a Reiki master, a few positive affirmations that one needs to incorporate in one’s life and regular practice. One may ask here what is this universal energy how can we become its channels … we are humans after all, not electric wires!!? I would say, in the olden days, man did not know how to harness and utilize electricity. But it did not mean that electricity never existed! Besides Reiki has recognition from World Health Organization and has centres all around the world. And these days Reiki treatment is being provided in several hospitals as well! And why shouldn’t it be when it has such great powers to heal and cure? A man had kidney stone. After receiving Reiki for just 4 days , the stone melted and came out in urine. A woman had severe stomach problems. With the help of Reiki she cured herself and now runs the centre in Sec 20. A lady was able toconceive with the help of Reiki, when no doctor could come to her aid. A man got rid of his spectacles during his 2nd degree Reiki training. A cancer patient, after a few Reiki sessions, went for a check up and was amazed to find that he was completely cured. Reiki is also good for healing asthma, arthritis,
blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid , gall stones etc. It relieves stress and brings about physical, mental,
emotional and spiritual balance in a person.
Reiki is nothing but God’s divine grace. It is supreme and eternal love that is available in abundance
in this universe. Anyone of us can become a healer. We all have the inherent quality to spread health,
hope and harmony in the world. We just need to channel it properly.
And I am sure Reiki can help us do that!

By Kanchan Dhar.