Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Aura Surgery( psychic surgery)


What is Aura surgery?
Aura is an electrical magnetic field which surrounds the physical body . Aura has two types : inner aura and outer aura. When dirty energy is deeply impregnated it seems to be very difficult to take it out by doing simple cleansing through hands or crystals.
In such cases aura surgery is required. Aura surgery or psychic surgery can be done on lower chakras and on feet soles minor chakras. In aura surgery superficial auric layers are cut by energy blades. All the dirty diseased energy is cleansed by pulling it out.
It has been miraculously found that depression can be completely removed by doing aura surgery of the depression patients.Non aggressive depression patients can be healed by doing aura surgery on their feet soles.
we have got successful results of healing heel pain, knee pain, spinal cord ailments, frozen shoulders, spondylitis .
Healing sessions can be reduced by doing aura surgery and healing becomes faster after psychic surgery.
Aura surgery is taught in Reiki 3rd degree.