Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Money Yantra Coin


Money Yantra coin is a powerful tool to keep your finances always in well condition. Money yantra is made of panch dhatu and it has shad chakra in centre which hamonises and balances the energy of kundalini , sun, moon, swastik, shodash matruka , pyramid , om , shubh labh and Charan paduka of goddess Lakshmi.

The money yantra is energised by the frequency of Om.
Everyone wants money . Money is a powerful medium to lead a prosperous life.
Money yantra helps you in two ways :
1. It will help you increase your earnings.
2. It will help you reduce unnecessary expenses.
How to use this Money Yantra :
1. you can keep the yantra in non leather purse.
2. you can keep the yantra in wooden drawer.
We have been using money yantra coin myself for  three years.We are inspired by its magical effects and hence I am sharing this to all my Reiki channels.
Money Yantra coin is available in limited stock for sale.
You can contact us for buying at a very nominal price . Our contact number Click to call us